Life of a Truck Driver In CEI

What kind of life you can expect while working as a truck driver at CEI?

Waste Management is crucial in today’s scenario when ecological imbalance and the problem of global warming is among the most serious problems the world is facing. Under such circumstances, the companies involved in waste management and those employed with them are seen with very great respect. Yes, we at CEI understand this fact and share the same sense of honor and responsibility among our employees as well.


CEI being a pioneer in waste management considers its staff members as its strongest pillars as it is their hard work that results in making this planet a cleaner and safer place to live. We believe the major role played in waste disposal is of the truck drivers who deserve great respect and good compensation as they are the ones directly involved in the transportation of waste.

Why Joining CEI is special?

At CEI, all staff members including truck drivers are treated in such a manner that they feel privileged. Maybe that is the reason why our team is increasing every day. However, we wish to include as many helping hands as possible to help us share our responsibilities and accountabilities mutually.

Unlike other waste management companies, where the criteria of joining as a truck driver is licensing and few educational qualifications only that is not the case here at CEI. Here we need truck drivers who are not just well qualified and licensed but willing to work as a great contributor. We need to have those who know how it looks like being unsung heroes whose work is never noticed at once, but that never de-motivate them from fulfilling their part. Yes, you must join our team if you see yourself as a person who is working hard in making this planet a good place to live for mankind and with a smile.

Show your responsibility towards mankind by Joining CEI

While working with CEI, you will get a chance to work with the pioneers in waste management who have years of experience. We enjoy a great reputation and operate with the very best resources including skilled people and equipment. So, if you also wish to see yourself as a responsible citizen who understands he is special as he can contribute to the noble cause of environmental cleaning then a golden opportunity is waiting for you. Along with the best compensation, second to none supporting team members, you will get a life you will be excited about.

Apply now for an exciting career

Come join us and experience quite a challenging yet promising life of a truck driver at CEI who has thousands of reasons to feel special. You are an asset not just for us but for the whole of mankind as directly or indirectly you are working for the welfare of mankind. Mail us today or send your CV to help us get in touch with you without losing further time. A new world is waiting for you! Come be a part of it today as only a few are fortunate enough to get a chance to work for the welfare!