Importance of Waste Management Service

Importance of Waste Management Service

Custom Ecology Inc. (CEI) from its inception in 1994 has understood the importance of waste management in the contemporary alarming situation of global ecological hazards and has been motivated to serve the society through its various waste management services namely liquid waste, solid rubbish, organic waste, recyclable rubbish, and hazardous waste. The CEI has been known for its excellent waste management services in the regions of South and North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Canada, Virginia, Michigan, and Mississippi for the last twenty-five years.

The customers of CEI need the assistance of CEI and are confident of our sense of responsibility and fault-free excellent services because of our two basic merits. First and the foremost we understand the importance of waste management service in the context of our customers and they see the commitment of CEI in our deliverables and output. The second equally important aspect of CEI credibility is the knowledge and skills, experience and dedication of our human resources. CEI values it’s a team of human resources and gives uttermost importance in enhancing the capability of the team on a regular basis along with supporting their personal needs, hopes, and aspirations.


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CEI regularly trains the staffs on the conceptual importance of waste management, technicalities and methods of waste management including a collection of waste, transportation, possible safe treatment and disposal of waste along with strict monitoring and legal regulation. CEI is a license holder of waste management services adequately equipped with expertise on working ethics and security measures as per the law.

The secrecy of CEI’s ever-growing success in an international arena is the efficiency and sense of responsibility of the staff. The CIA has a marvelous human resource management policy ensuring the development of the team including security and personal growth. The CEI empathizes that unless and until each individual service provider in the team is satisfied and has the job satisfaction, he or she will never be able to internalize the importance of waste management and render required services effectively and appropriately.

Eventually, the CEI has over the period developed numerous employee benefits packages towards ensuring maximum security, growth and job satisfaction of the employees. A few of the attractive 2017-2018 staff benefits packages from among the list are as described below.

The CIGNA health insurance has astounding three health-care features namely Open Access Plus (OAP) 1500 USD, OAP 2500 USD, and OAP 5000 USD. Maximum health security is ensured through this tri- optioned insurance as part of the importance of waste management.

Other benefits include Guardian Dental which has been substantially increased to an annual limit of 1500 USD along with the coverage of child orthodoxia. The others are the Guardian Vision and the Guardian Basic Life/AD&D, Guardian Short Term/Long Term Disability, Paychex-401k, Flexible Spending Account, etc. The basic objectives of these numerous astounding benefit packages are to enhance the standard of deliverable by the team towards actualizing the importance of waste management.

In a contemporary scenario when the world is perishing because of the hazardous ecological vagaries and environmental imbalance, the importance of waste management plays a crucial role. The CEI counts its services more as a responsibility than service and values its employees more like service providers than paid workers. This is the secrecy of the enormous growth of CEI in its journey of 25 years.